Beautiful Chaos

Hello, my name is Kristan Dwyer. I’m a self confessed collector of all things beautiful and meaningful, a bit of a hoarder some might say, who loves creating beautiful spaces for my own family and others.
I aim to share my knowledge, my instincts and my journey as we renovate our home while raising five energetic children - yes five - so there’s certainly chaos and mess, but that’s what makes life colourful and exciting. I’m all about the heart, pleasing the eye and bringing soul to homes, of which I find so many today stiff and over styled.
Along with interiors I run my own business, Table Style & Co, a luxury tableware brand that, at its heart, focuses on entertaining. I’ll touch on how to create memorable parties, dinners and more here too. My rule is “there are no rules” so join me, and my merry crew and inject a little bit of beautiful chaos into your homes too. Head to the blog…