Difficult to pronounce, but one of my favourite things in the world. There is so much intricacy and detail in this style of art and I am always drawn to it. Over the years i have been collecting pieces, they are a bit hard to find but worth scouring the world for - Cloisonne is definitely my achilles heal.

One of my many idols and a champion of the art of Cloisonne is Fabienne Jouvin a designer and illustrator who lives in Paris. She has reinvented the ancient skill of cloisonné with her use of bold, vibrant designs and colour. She creates objects which are made on the 5 continents and fuse eastern and western cultures. Iin fact it was the cloisonne jars that inspired my napkin ring business Tablestyle & Co.

While my napkin rings are enamel the technique is similar to cloisonne and equally as beautiful and inspired.