All good renovations require planning and stimulate change. I’m not a believer in throwing everything out and starting over, but like you, I love to add new pieces and (most of the time) think carefully about my purchases - well okay, there’s a few impulse purchases simply because I must!
This is the “list” - the ideas I have for our renovation, the looks I love, the inspiration, the desires. Sometimes it takes one image to trigger the flow of ideas for a certain room or space, or even a corner of the house that’s otherwise dull and boring, and it’s great that we have such easy access to these beautiful images to inspire us. Pinterest is a great friend ;-)

Here’s the spaces we are creating as part of our renovation.
Having a big family is a privilege, I had never planned to have a large family but I feel l truly blessed to have them all. The needs of a large family have meant that I have to think and re-think the spaces because I am combining Riverdale loving pre-teens with Peppa Pig obsessed toddler and trying to ensure all happy.

The key now is that I create the spaces so that everybody comes together, but also so that they have the privacy they need, the CHALLENGE is to keep them around the house and out of their bedrooms. Not that I mind them spending some tine in their rooms but it’s about finding that balance and keeping that family connection.

So currently we have a main TV room, and a second room where the kids can watch TV. I would like to transform the main TV room a bit so that it can also be a space where the kids can do activities and homework, and the second room a space where they relax and switch off.

We have always had kids sharing rooms and the exact mix of who shares with who is changing as the children change. At the moment we are a bedroom down so I have a 13 year old sharing with an 8 year old, this situation is perfect for the 8 year old but the teenager finds it annoying - and I understand this b/c one wants to stay up later than the other, one wants the light on while the other wants the light off and the tug of war continues. While great life skills are learned from this both boys are counting down the day they get their own room.