The Look

Collecting over time means you can create a space that is not only unique, but tells a story. I love that the lights in the living room were items that, at the time, we couldn’t really afford but just had to have, so we paid them off and the day they were installed did a happy dance. I love that the tin soldiers in my littlest’s bedroom were those his Dad played with as a boy, and the collages in the girls bedrooms represent an afternoon of careful consideration, planning, cutting and fun during the summer school holidays.

Sometimes though, there’s just decisions to be made on buying new or second hand items (think your local buy/swap/sell facebook sites, or ebay) so here I highlight some gorgeous items so you can create a similar look.

There is an advent of new home shows, quick fix , flip houses, 12 week design your forever home style programs at the moment - we have a different philosophy - conscious consumption. It’s away from the traditional business model of making, selling, using, and disposing of homewares for the next season, it involves a consideration for the impact that that this way has on our planet and the resources that it requires. It involves re- using, repurposing and considered curation. A lot of our pieces are hand me downs, flee market finds, gifted, swapped or repaired and we love the feeling and the purpose these pieces bring to our spaces. We love the idea that our children we will re-invent these pieces in their houses one day and pass them on keeping the cycle going.